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Faculty structure




The faculty of Education, Benadir University is a faculty of teacher training within the

University. The Faculty performs three academic functions:

  • Training of post-secondary students to teach in secondary Schools and Grade II teacher training Facultys.
  • Retraining of teachers for improved competence for teaching in secondary schools.
  • Academic training in all subjects taught in secondary schools.

Students attending the faculty may complete a four year Bachelor of Science degree with a major concentration in any of the following disciplines - Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Agricultural Education, Geography, History, Physical Education, English, or Arabic. A program is also available for training of audio-visual specialists.

The faculty campus occupies the site of km 13, established in 2010. faculty facilities with in the university include a library, an admissions building, 8 Blocks for classrooms and offices , 3 laboratories, and a mosque

Recently The faculty of Education is composed of four divisions:

  • Division of Education
  • Division of Languages
  • Division of Science and Mathematics

Academic departments are organized within each division ,with departments offering major and minor programs of study in their respective fields:

Division of Education                        

  • Education                                        
  • Instructional Technology {AVA}

Division of Science and Mathematics

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Division of Languages

  • Arabic
  • English


Admission Requirements

Admission to the faculty of Education is by competitive examination. Students who possess a secondary school leaving certificate with grades ofA or B, are eligible for the Faculty Entrance Examination. Students who pass the faculty Entrance Examination to beginning their course of study at the faculty of Education.


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