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Curriculum and Development

Standards and Criteria

Educational Philosophy

The faculty of Education is dedicated to the belief that individualized ,facilitative ,and socially useful higher education requires a combination of professional and theoretical training balanced with responsible participation in society.

It is the philosophy of the Faculty of Education that a Faculty graduate in general and a teacher

in particular needs to be broadly educated, as well as be a master of his chosen discipline.

Furthermore, a graduate must be trained in depth in his/her field so as to be able to teach at the

secondary level and to compete successfully when undertaking graduate studies. As well, it is

equally essential that he clearly see how his discipline relates to the rest of society and that he is

able to communicate successfully with those not trained in his disciple.

Consistent with its aims and philosophy, The faculty of Education offers the following goals:

  • To make available to all undergraduates the intellectual training and knowledge that

           will add meaning, scope, richness and interest to their lives.

  • To provide for undergraduates an education that will equip them to make important cultural, social and economic contributions.
  • To provide for undergraduates the quality and scope that will qualify them to enter

graduate and professional schools.


Academic Program

In implementation of these goals and philosophy, The faculty of Education has established requirements for a four years bachelors degree in the following three categories:

I. Concentration Requirement

Each student must follow one of the concentration patterns described in the

Sections devoted to the Academic Divisions. In general each student must

Complete one of the major concentration programs and one of the minor

Concentration programs.

(1) Major Area of Concentration

         Minimum of 18 courses= 54 credit hours

(2)Minor Area of Concentration

       Minimum of 8 courses = 24 credit hour

II. Professional Training in Education (PTE)

Professional Training in Education is required of all graduates. In order to

fulfill these requirements, all students are required to take the following

courses and credit hours in PTE, offered by the Division of Education:

PTE: 12 courses of 2 credits each = 24 credit hours

AVA: 2 courses of 1 credit each =     2 credit hours

Total Number of Courses = 14

Total Credit Hours = 26

II. General Education Requirements

In order to graduate, each student must fulfill a general education requirement by taking courses outside of his major concentration. The purpose of this core of general education requirements is derived from the competencies required of teachers in the secondary schools. In addition to being well prepared in a teaching discipline, the professional teacher must have an understanding of the teaching-learning process, be able to communicate clearly and effectively ,be prepared to assume responsibility for the health and safety of the students, and possess a profound understanding of the philosophical and religious principles of his/her culture so as to provide a sound model of good citizenship for students.

The number of required courses are determined by faculty or department of

major concentration. Included in these required general education courses

must be at-least one course from each of the following areas: Biological Sciences ,Islamic studies ,Math , English, and Arabic.

Each academic year is made up of two 16-week semesters. Graduation requires the completion of a minimum of 130 credit hours and a maximum of 144credit hours.

NO student shall take more than 144 credit hours unless approved by the faculty


The unit of work OR credit is the Semester Hour.

Academic Standards

The Faculty of Education endeavors to main high academic standards in all aspects of the curriculum and life of the Faculty. Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Grade point averages-are determined on a four point scale as follows:


    RANGE        GRADE                            letter                            Points

     Above 95                                 Excelent with honor     A+              4.5

      90-94                                     Excelent                     A                4.0

      85-89                                     very good (high)         B+              3.5

     80-84                                      very good                   B                3.0

     75-79                                       good(high)                C+              2.5

     70-74                                       good                         C                2.0

    65-69                                       Pass(high)                  D+             1.5

    60-64                                      Pass                            D               1.0

    Less than 60                            Failure                         F                0

In order to graduate, a student must maintain a minimum of 2.25grade point average in his major area of study, 2.0 grade point average in his minor concentration, and 2.0 averages in his general education course work.

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