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Faculty of Medicine is complelled morally and socailly to foster the propagation of medical knowledge to students and the community as to encourage the prosuit of healthcare as a career to students and preventative health measures to the community.  
To achieve its Vision and Mission, the faculty endeaus toward the follwing objectives; 
1.Tp produce medical practitioners with the nessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to work efficiently in the health sector relevant to nneds of Somali’stoday and in the future. 
2.Too produce medical practinaters for internationally accepted standard, capable of competing for any postgraduate specialist training programme, either within or outside Somalia.
3.Too produce medical practinaters capable of handling the preventive and curative aspects of health care in an integrated manner.
4.To encourage and prepare graduates to perform research in areas relevant to the needs of Somalia.
5.To train graduates to become self-dependent, life-long learners, pursueing new medicl innovations and knowledge. 
6.To provide learning environment and activities that closely reflects the practice situation and eliminates irrelevant materials.
7.To provide extra-mural, community-oriented training and learning experiences, in addition to Hospital-based clinical training, under the supervision of staff members from different department.
Vision: The Faculty of Medecine aims provide students the nessary skills and experience in delivery...
Mission: Faculty of Medicine is complelled morally and socailly to foster the propagation of medical...
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