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Faculty of Information and Communication Technology previously known as Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (CIT) was established in 2003. A combination of highly qualified faculty members and state of the art facilities has established the faculty as one of the leading and prestigious Computer Science and Telecommunication departments of the country. The competency of the faculty is evident from the achievement of the alumni, who have created a brand value both in job sector and academia - in and outside of the country.

Currently the Faculty has 12 full-time faculty members along with 30 part-time faculty members. There are about 194 students graduated from the faculty.

Besides conducting the above mentioned programs, ICT faculty also offers computer science related courses to the other departments/faculties of the university. It manages the email and Internet account systems for all the students, faculty members and staffs of the university. The faculty also manages the university Internet connection, organizes programming contest and information and Communication technology (ICT) festivals. The faculty also offers a short-courses and workshops at the end of each semester, focusing on pertinent issues of Telecommunication, technology, computing and software development. Resource persons and participants from home and abroad take part in the short-courses.

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