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BU Mission

Benadir University mission is to provide dynamic, student-centered, comprehensive, and accessible educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the Somali community.

BU mission is to educate students to succeed in their chosen life roles; to be well informed, to contribute their communities and pursue satisfying and fulfilling lives.  

The University supports multi-dimensional excellence across the full breadth of its work: teaching and learning, research and creative activity, and outreach. Benadir University fosters a community that values openness, respect. The University is committed to intellectual and creative freedom and to the open expression of ideas in ways that advances the learning process. The University embraces its national stewardship role.

Benadir University provides students with both knowledge and skills for lifetime learning, for continuing success, and for responsible citizenship.

We emphasize a career-oriented, student-focused education. Our faculty, students, and staff engage in research and service in order to support the cultural, economic, and civic life of Somalia.