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The University has installed state-of-art computer facilities in the campus to promote students experience the practical application of the theories taught in the class. In addition, free of charge internet facility is also made available for students to help them stay connected to the world.

Computer Utilization Policy

ü  Boot-up computers from floppy disk is strictly PROHIBITED.

ü  Students should never correct original computer configuration or setup: BIOS setup, Windows Operating System setup, Files and Directory created, etc.

ü  Students are NOT allowed to install Software or Hardware inside computers in the laboratory.

ü  Unauthorized copying of soft-ware or using illegally copied software is strictly FORBIDDEN.

ü  Respect the privacy of others by refraining from accessing their files or electronic mails.

ü  Students must promptly relinquish their tasks for scheduled classes or upon request by the laboratory supervisor.

ü  Computer games are strictly FORBIDDEN in the laboratory.

ü  DO NOT view, copy, download or scan pornography and pornographic materials in any form.

ü  Please check familiarize yourself with individual laboratory regulation and operating procedure.


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